Monday, August 12, 2013

Guy Spotlight: Ojay Clarino

AZKALS' Ojay Clarino, a winger and forward player of the Philippine's Men's Football team, considers competing in the Europe World Cup as his ultimate dream. This may be a long shot but this rising star commits to doing his best to reach his goals.
While currently finishing his practicum as a requirement to complete his Sports Science degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Ojay also plays for Pachanga Diliman FC in the UFL.
As part of a brood of eleven, Ojay takes inspiration from his parents when it comes to working hard. (Raising such a large family is no easy task!)
Today, Ojay chats candidly with GUTSY about a few things outside of football.

G: What do you find attractive in a woman?

Ojay: Physical appearance is important.  How can you be attracted to her if she's not [physically attractive]? Part of being attractive includes being appropriately dressed, carries herself with class and not calling [inappropriate] attention to herself. A woman is also attractive if may sense kausap because she is knowledgeable while knowing to be makulit at the right time. I also find women who have a sense of mystery attractive. You want to get to know them more.

G: How do guys practice modesty?

Ojay: My advice is to know your place and always pray, especially when it becomes difficult already. Being modest also involves humility, keeping your feey on the ground and not be mayabang. To help with my spirituality, I would regularly attend activities which strengthen my foundation as an individual, athlete and family man. 

Special thanks to Calai Clarino. Photos from Ojay's Facebook fan page.



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