Fresh, modern, wearable and proudly Filipino, ladies ready-to-wear brand Juana makes fashion accessible to all.
      Ann Francis King-Anasco, 38, proprietor of Juana Clothing Corporation, is a dentist by profession who stumbled into fashion as part of a business decision.
  G: What got you into fashion?
      A:   It was more of a business decision to choose the fashion( retail ) industry. When I started the business in 2006, I had the intuition that there was room for a business model that will serve the general public with prices that are competitive against imports. I also had a very good source of cheap fabrics that I knew could be turned into nice creations just with the right designs. Juana was chosen as a brand name to highlight the fact it is Filipino made (female Juan dela Cruz). The price range had to be so affordable the brand can easily grab the mass market, designs had to be in fashion but with a classic touch. With all these in mind, I got myself in the fashion business.
   G: Tell us about your style philosophy.
      A:  I believe in Uniqlo's philosophy, democratization of fashion, "made for all". I believe that to be fashionable does not mean expensive, style and dignified dressing can be acheived at affordable prices.
  G: Describe Juana's aesthetic? Who wears Juana?
     A: Juana's aesthetic is about classic silhouettes updated with the right color, texture and kind of fabric that is in season. With wearability as the main consideration, Juana is suited for Ladies aged 24-50. Juana's aesthetic will suit casual and corporate dress codes. 
G: Take us through the designing process--from inspiration to construction to finished product
    A: when i do my collection, I start with my intuition on what i think will click to my target market. Backed  by a careful study of the seasons trends, I pick what I think will be grasp by my customers. With the new silouettes in mind, i look for the right color, texture and kind of fabric that is also in season. Styles are drawn, made into pattern, sewn then fitted by me, revisions are made until fit and fall of garment is right. Patterns graded then size sets done, fitted again by actual people across size, if satisfed it now goes into production with the correct assignment of fabric for that particular design. Product tested in the stores with initial run, revisions are again made guided by customers comments.

    G: What kind of woman would you want to dress? (target demographic, etc, simply put what  kind of women do you have in mind when you design?)

    A: I usually ask myself if i can see myself wearing the garment. More so if I can picture myself in the daily activities of a regular woman with these clothes. (E.g. Ptc, church, grocery, malling or going to the office.)

    G: Who is your favorite designer and why?
   A: I love Marc by Marc jacobs and Tory Burch. Their designs are so wearable but not run of the mill. Both have a certain classic elegance to their work but with their play of color and textures that are vibrant, the designs are made fun and exciting.

    G:  Any general style advice for women?

    A:   Wear what is comfortable with your figure and what brings out your best self image.
G: What is your take on dignified dressing? Would you advocate it?
    A: Being fashionabe means having the sense to choose the right style appropriate for your age, body type, lifestyle and activity for the day.

Juana is available in Ali Mall in Cubao, SM Sta Mesa, SM Valenzuela, Pavilion Mall in Binan, Laguna and 168 Mall in Divisoria. For more details, visit